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A Little About Me...

I am a BYU grad in Dietetics. I spent 7 years as a clinical dietitian in hospitals.  I worked in a variety of areas including acute care, wound healing, diabetic education, and the NICU.  My true passion is in teaching and coaching.  I love helping people see that eating healthy is not hard, and can be very enjoyable!



Beyond my career as a dietitian, I am a dedicated wife and mother of 4. I love to cook, host dinner parties, and sew. With my family we love camping, hiking, and playing outdoors. Also I enjoy serving my community and am highly involved in my neighborhood and church.

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Here's Why...

I once heard that the biggest mistake you can make for your workout is to do it alone. This is true with nutrition goals as well. On our own, we set vague, lofty goals, and expect to achieve them with no clear plan or accountability. When we fail, we blame ourselves for not having enough self-control or motivation. 

Doing the same thing we have always done is never going to produce a different result. BUT if you add something new to the process...let's say an RD who is passionate about helping you embrace a practical approach to nutrition, with step-by-step guidance and  accountability, and regular long-term communication... that's what I call a game changer.

Let me help you on your path to success because

"You don't have to do this alone"

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