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RD in My Pocket

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Intitial Consult

Complete a video conference call with the RD to discuss where you are starting from, and where you'd like to go

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Weekly Tasks

Get a weekly baby-step challenge that moves you closer to your goals

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Daily Input

Keep a record of your eating with a tracker app. The focus is data collection, not calorie counting

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Communicate regularly with the dietitian through a combination of emails and phone calls each month

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Get weekly discussions about various topics relevant to the goals you are working on

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Achieve Results

With RD guidance, find the life-style changes that work with your life right now and make a real difference in your health!.

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There are many paths to health. A life-style approach is key, and it must be tailored to your individual needs, desires and goals!  

The RDinMyPocket program is designed to help you develop healthy habits you can live with for the rest of your life! 

Key Features of the Program

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