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RD and ME

See what clients are saying:

Why A Registered Dietitian (RD)
Nutrition Coach?
You have a health goal--it may be to lose weight, control diabetes, or simply to eat healthier. No quick-fix solution is going to give you the long-term success you need to achieve success.
The purpose of RD and Me Nutrition is to help you make real life-style changes by providing long-term support, coaching, and accountability at an affordable price. 
With an RD as your Nutrition Coach,
"You don't have to do this alone"
Nutrition Coaching
Achieving your health goals is about life-style changes. Any diet or exercise program you "start" implies that at some point you will "stop". And then what? 
With RD and Me Nutrition coaching, you get the long-term support you need to develop new habits and sustainable life-style changes. 
Confessions of a Dietitian


Have you ever wondered what the “expert on nutrition” feeds her own family? Wonder no more.


Follow me for recipes, nutritional analysis, cooking tips and real pictures of the food I put on the table for my family.  I want to show you what you can achieve in your own kitchen!


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